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Monday, May 24, 2010

[Epic System] Preparing for Battle! Six Days To War Part 4

My status:  Currently battling DOS floppy disks that all seem to be dying in spite of not being used for 15 years yet being kept in excellent condition.  AD&D Dungeon Hack's Disk 4 is dead, and Warlords 2 Disk 1 has been unpacking the same file for 30 minutes.  I am scared for my babies.

But my continuing goal of course has been to build and paint my Chaos Epic forces for this week's introductory battle.

Everything assembled, the Thousand Sons were taken downstairs for their Krylon Fusion basecoating.   Magnus and the Tzeentch Disk Riders got a slightly odd light blue, and the rest a standard blue.

While doing this I also chose to attempt to fix Angron's doofy looking face that was killed by my shoddy attempts to paint his eyes yellow.  A dab of paint didn't hurt any, but I was still not happy.  I used some Citadel Foundation paints on Magnus' wings and hair, Mithril Silver for his loincloth, bronze for his metal bits (as I am out of gold brushpaint), an off white grey for the orb, Bleached Bone for the horns & toes plus the talons of the orb's claw, and  the same grey as a center for his eye.

(The early attempt at fixing Angron's messed up eyes.  I tried just filling it in with a red Gundam Marker, but it still looks doofy.  Note how his tootsies are unpainted.  He looks angry about that.)

(Magnus Saturday Morning)

More during the weekend involved Foundation Iyanden Darksun Yellow on the cloaks of the Disk Riders followed up by THREE coats of regular Sunburst Yellow.  They all get a nice drybrush of Lightning Bolt Blue , and I add in some details to Magnus.  Im not totally sold on his face (and the extra blue I needed to use to hide red & black splotches) or the simple magic effect I tried to put in the orb, but its better than a blank orb.  I may give it a silver paint application which should let the colors show through like a magical effect.
(Not everything I had painted last night on the Thousand Sons unit, but most of it.)

I give the Khornate vehicles a barely noticeable red drybrush, and pretty much repaint his face red, then using Iyanden Darksun to redo his eyes.  Its not perfect but its no longer god awful.  

(And my Khorne unit as it currently is.  Starring Angron in "LEARN TO FOCUS DIP*&^%^!"  Now with somewhat better yellow eyes, and a basic bright red face, the ears left dark washed.)

Between the pictures and now I have done a little bit of gold paint pen on the Thousand Son Rhinos, and flocked up the Disk Riders.  I will probably just use the gold paint on the vehicles, flock the bases of the Thousand Son Legion, and call it a day for painting.  Maybe I will paint more up after the fact, but those are the only things I seriously want to have done.  

Still, they are looking better and better.  Even a simple paint job helps.  By having them out in the open, sometimes I will crack open a bottle and do a color.  I also had run out of Goblin Green, but had accidentally picked up a replacement bottle that was instead Camo Green.  I actually think I like it better than my usual flocking paint.  Its subtler, less vivid.  It just looks a bit nicer really.

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