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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[Epic System] Preparing for Battle! Six Days To War Part 3

Aka: "Let us try this again!"

Last time didn't go so well.  So what to do?  Instead of 2 3,000 point armies, each with their own special rules, I decided Saturday morning to try a pair of 1,500 point forces, each from the same army list.  Using the same or similar rules and units, it will be easier to teach the game and not overwhelm anyone, including myself.

Chaos being much simpler and easier to learn seemed like the best choice, plus I have the most models for it.  And of course, I have always been a servant of Chaos since 93 or 94 when I first read the 2nd edition Warhammer 40K rulesbooks.  (Chaos wasn't really even mentioned in Rogue Trader's core book.)

So my first goal was to take that pile of inventory on top of the stove and figure out what I could do easiest.

I noticed I mostly had a detachment of Khorne lead by Angron of the World Eaters all set to go.  I did some tweaking and hopefully followed the rules correctly and quickly had a 1500 list.  Its already mostly painted, only some detailing on the infantry stand models, and some cleanup and painting for the transports.

I then chose the opposing force.  Given it will be in a public place Slaanesh and its tentacles of "fun" and exposed breasts might not be the best choice and I really don't feel like mutilating all of my Slaaneshi demons to no longer have nipples.  As I didn't want to mess with the detachment used in the previous game  and I wanted similar forces, Nurgle was out as thanks to ChaosOrc's online store being a shyster incapable of replying to emails when they fail to send you the correct army book or in Epic's case, my Fulgrim model at all, my other Primarch choice was left as Magnus.  My least favorite of the 4 actual Primarch models.

Oh well, I have always wanted to paint up some Thousand Sons marines.

See in Epic's case, the 4 Chaos Primarchs are the only units allowed to have a Space Marine Legion of Chaos officially.  (Though there are some changes in Netepic and in old White Dwarf magazine articles.)  These Legion cards give you 3 detachments of Chaos Marines plus a Champion stand for a nice points cost.  And if I am reading the Renegades rulebook correctly, it doesn't even count as one of the 3-5 detachment cards one must or can attach up to on a Greater Demon.

And since its me running it and both sides are mostly equal it doesn't matter anyhow.

So Angron and his World Eaters get some Land Raider and Rhino transports, 2 detachments of Dreadnoughts, and a unit of Chaos Squats.  Nice and simple, almost no special rules whatsoever.

Magnus and his Thousand Sons get the same Raider and Rhino units, plus a unit of Tzeentch Disk Riders.  Again, really simple.

From Saturday afternoon till now when I have had a few minutes I have cleaned models of their flash, mold lines, and sprue bits, and assembled what I could.    As next Tuesday is the game day, I have a week to take this motley band and turn them pretty.

(The forces as they are so far.  The vehicles all cleaned of their non model bits, most of the Marines assembled, a scanned card of each force with their models on top of the correct card, and the Khorne transports base coated.  The Squats, World Eaters Legion, and Dreadnoughts were painted along with Angron a good 5-6 years ago.   Magnus and his Thousand Sons need the full deal.  The base coating and the flocking and the detail painting.  I may skip yet another 40K day in order to get some of this work done.)

So my task is clear and obvious.  At the LEAST I need to glue 25 more Marines to their infantry stands and give 1500 points worth of models a nice blue base coat of Krylon Fusion, flock the bases, and write up a nice easy to understand cheat sheet for each side which will largely be cut and paste anyhow.

Ideally I will get a second color on all the basecoated models and possibly have Magnus painted up to my 4/10 lazy arse standards.

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