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Thursday, May 13, 2010

[Epic System] Preparing for Battle! Six Days To War Part 2

Part 2 aka: Where I get 1 actual turn of Epic played and that's it for all the hours of work I put in.

(The armies all set up.  I am so excited!  Finally!  The horror of 14 years of owning but not getting to play Titan Legions rules Epic are about to be put to rest!  The dreams of glorious mass scale combat are to be made real!)

(Oops!  It looks like my rules instructions have been ignored!  The Gargoyles are out of Synapse range and thus will go on Advance Orders to the closest enemy unit.  And they aren't in proper 6cm coherency.)

(Thankfully Eli takes over and picks it up quickly, with a little positioning advice from me to keep the Nids from being blown out of the water by the guns of Chaos.  Even though I told him how much he probably could have gotten for the minis on Ebay.)

(Hello Mr. Hive Tyrant!  We see you!  And as we are Slaaneshi we are in fact happy to see you.  Sadly, the Tyrant only took a single wound as the cover helped it out from the bursts of white "light" coming from the throbbing cannons of the Knight class machines.  Slaanesh:  Like a GWAR concert only deadlier.)

(And we had to call for time, with only a brood of Gargoyles killed, and 3 Chaos Land Raiders, 2 from 1 detachment, 1 from another.)

While I thought I had made the starting armies small and simple enough, I clearly did not.  If my original opponent is actually willing to try Epic again I would probably make the armies half as big (these were 3K point forces, the smallest recommended army size), and most likely just use Chaos with a single force each, possibly not even any Titans.  Just a Chaos Greater Demon required to be a unit commander, and the 3-5 detachment cards, mostly just Space Marines and probably some Land Raiders with perhaps a single special rules unit.

Oh well, it takes time to learn more complex games.  

On the upside I now have more Epic assembled, and some new purchases, plus the store clerk REALLY wants to try the game out now.

I just need to put together all my Chaos stuff and get a proper idea what I could field first...

OH SWEET CTHULHU.  How many Land Raiders and Rhinos are in that baggie anyhow?

My initial thoughts though are positive about the game itself.  I found it to be relatively smooth and fast, though the special rules for many units are something that needs to be learned.

Yes, even with only a single turn of play and my opponent effectively hating the game before the movement phase was done, I still think the game is awesome, and LIGHT YEARS more fun than Epic 40,000, the follow up Epic scale game that effectively killed the line.

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