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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Battletech Session Report and Operation Don't Buy So Much Dammit Part 4

Today I shall be lazy and just link to the Battletech game report mini comic.  Its not too detailed, but its some nice pictures of our new gaggle of young players fighting it out with their Battlemechs.  MagicDrew said we should try running some demo games on Tuesdays and it seems to be working.  Plus he actively recruits almost anyone who comes over to look at the games while I am more a passive recruiter, using the Internet and just talking to folks without saying "HAY GUYS DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH US?!"

(This lack of outgoingness could also be the reasons for my poor volume of dating as well.  I am who I am I suppose.)

The Battle Report !

I gotta say that battlefield they made on the final panel looked AMAZING.  I just brought along some of my Heroscape trees to add a little extra to the field.  Heroscape terrain just looks SO GOOD for hex map miniature game combats.

In the last few weeks I have actually bought a little bit.  I grabbed one of the old series sets of D&D Dungeon Tiles for a little under 7 bucks thanks to a Borders coupon I had nothing else to spend it on, 2 packs of metal Melta Guns with free shipping from Games Workshop, and a set of the new D&D Heroscape figures for 13, adding 33 dollars to my spending total, bringing our big board to 249, 1 dollar away from taking me out of the running for a Gold in not being a consumer whore.

Outside of the 10 Melta Guns my Pre Heresy World Eaters army needs, neither item is OMG IT MUST BE MINE, but things I would like that were cheap.  Laziness kept me from going back to Borders last week with a 40% off coupon.  Which is probably the best way to get me to buy those overpriced but oh so sweet Warhammer 40K RPG books.  50 dollars for Dark Heresy Ascension is too much.  30 dollars?  Now we are getting someplace!

I did end up selling both of my Lock N Load Publishing wargames thanks to the oh so classy responses I got from the game's original developer and its fans over at the Boardgamegeek forums when I posted a link to my review there, so I do have a good 80 dollars of extra gaming cash to burn.  I have already used a few bucks to get some more Epic Tyranid models.  Another Hive Tyrant, and another squad of Carnifexes.  Sadly my offers for a Harridan and more Zoanthropes were declined.

If you want to see what sort of classy responses my review caused, here you go: Responses of suck.

I got quite a few private messages supporting me, and plenty of whatever virtual kudo things BGG has, so clearly folks understood and respected my opinion, even if they all didn't agree with it.  However a bunch of mouthbreathing fanboys who apparently take it personal when you insult a boardgame THEY HAVE NO FINANCIAL STAKE IN WHATSOEVER (except I didn't actually insult the thing.  I still gave it an ok rating overall.  Its not god awful, but it sure as hell isn't good!) and a developer who hadn't even gotten his own copy of the game, and then stated massive changes to his submitted work had happened to the rules when he did giving me smack?

Yeah.  I'm not buying SQUAT from a company like that.  In fact it pleases me that selling off my two Lock N Load published games may in fact cost them sales.  Apparently for some folks the thread itself did.  I am also curious about the 2 other game developers who responded like major douchebags to me as well.  I want to avoid anything they make too.  I've had some of the #tinypewtermen IRC crowd tell me they were pretty impressed how I handled myself in the thread and how they too don't want anything those tools make either.   And MAN were there some comments I wanted to respond to childishly.  So very, very badly.

So in getting pissy over little old me's review of the game, the fanboys and one of the developers pretty much COST THEMSELVES LOTS OF CUSTOMERS.  Yeah.  Great job defending.  Its like a Goalie who jumps out to get the Soccer ball and kicks it in himself trying to be a hero.  Wargaming isn't a big market, and annoying even a dozen people could be a big hit, especially if they spread their opinions around.  In this case the review is seen by 100s of people on BGG, and probably way more in the long run.

There is a way to handle less positive reviews.  They did not.

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cmh said...

I think that Alex had as much fun helping to build the Battletech field as he did playing :)


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