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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Father of RPGs is Gone...


The man whose vision and ideas who pretty much made gaming what it was in the 80s before it was taken away from him is gone. A clever, witty fellow whose rules may have had flaws in em, but were full of charm.

I had little interaction with him other than reading a thread he had over at Dragonsfoot, and the various writings he had here and there. (Luckily or sadly, much of his younger, crankier writings reside on the Dragon Magazine Archive CDROM.)

He will be missed. Its a sad day for RPGs.

Even worse is how many other gaming luminaries have either passed away or are in seriously declining health. Erick Wujick of Palladium, Bob Bledsaw of Judge's Guild, and N Robin Crossby III of Harn are all in bad shape.

RPGers lost their Elvis today.

I think my game group is gonna put Heroscape and my Lord of the Rings Miniatures battle on hold and play through one of Gary's classics for old time's sake.

The man deserves that much.

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