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Monday, March 3, 2008

Wednesday Game Report

Wednesday was a double header of 40K dice rolling fun.

First up was 1000 points of my Tyranids vs 1000 points of Slaanesh Chaos Marines.
I have only ever played against Chaos once, maybe twice before. Usually I am the Chaos guy. BITCHES STEALIN' MY NICHE!

Hive Fleet Mustafar (Due for a dipping come warmer weather because EVERYONE COMPLAINS HOW BRIGHT THEY ARE LIKE A BUNCH OF WHINERS) gets ready to eat some nummy Chaos Marines. A jacked up Hive Tyrant with Venom Cannon, a Carnifex with a Venom Cannon and Barbed Strangler, 8 Hormagaunts, 14 Termagaunts, and an infiltrating Genestealer Broodlord with Genestealer retinue are here, and they are hungry.

The Chaos Marines include 3 squads of Slaaneshi Marines with those annoying ass noise weapons, a Terminator Lord, a Chaos Spawn, and a Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon.

In what will be a continuous problem, the Dreadnought refuses to roll a 2-5 on its Frenzy chart. This time he decides to shoot his own guys with no casualties.

With the Chaos Spawn blasted by my Hive Tyrant, and one of the Marine Squads eaten by Genestealers (after taking heavy casualties anyhow) they wisely move behind cover. When your Broodlord is old enough to have fought in the 2nd edition days you can be as clever as he is too! You can also see all my helpful reference charts I bring along. Apparently I am the only gamer with a printer.

Now the Dreadnought goes loopy and chases after the old Termagaunts. According to my fancy pants tokens I think my Carnifex destroyed his Plasma anyhow.

The Dreadnought will spend the next few turns killing off a few of these little guys each round like the tasty Skittles brand candy they so resemble.

Apparently the Stealers didn't hide as well as I thought. They take some more Noise weapon casualties. I'm really starting to hate those things!

While the camera makes these guys brighter than they are in person, a flamer really burns their britches! The Broodlord prevails however..

While he takes 2 wounds, he manages to wipe out an entire squad on his own, avenging his little orange buddies! ^_^ He even manages to hurt the Chaos Lord before his weapon finishes "The Eater of Wolves" off. Poor Patriarch! He could handle cheesy arse 2nd edition Space Wolf Terminators, but a Lord from the so called lame Chaos Marine Codex (Lame if you are a powergamer anyhow. Great for everyone else.) takes him down a peg.

Having shaken off whatever effects he had previously, the Dreadnought gets ready to charge my Hive Tyrant!

Who utterly rocks his ass in close combat. I could only imagine what a Tyrant designed for close combat would do!

After shooting the snot out of the Lord, they turn their attentions to the final Chaos Marine Squad, killing them soundly with only 1 little wound to show for it. And looking like big lumps of candy on my camera. I swear they aren't that bright in person. I bet they will look great after this Spring's dipping though.

All in all a fun little battle, mostly won because jacked up 200+ point Tyranid monsters are really hard to kill, especially when 27 point Genestealers and a Broodlord are trying to rip off your tentacles and beat you with it. Though knowing Slaaneshi troops they would enjoy that!

The next battle was a team game 500 points per player. Tyranids & Black Templars vs Ork and Chaos Marine. The lowlights included an Ork Warboss stomping my Hive Tyrant into dust because I ignored him, an Ork Wierdboy tellyportin his squad AWAY from the fight, and a Black Templar Vindicator that never hit anything with its Demolisher cannon which was eventually destroyed. It was dumb silly fun!

Some shots of the battle:

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