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Friday, March 7, 2008

The Scenario for my Lord of the Rings Miniatures Battle

Here is a post listing the special rules for the battle my players will be engaging in. Perhaps some of you out there will make use of it as well.

Lord of the Rings Megabattle: The Lost Artifact

In a battle that might not have ever happened or could have happened if the War of the Ring went differently, a forgotten artifact from the dark times of Morgoth’s assault on Middle Earth has been spotted by all forces in a ruined shrine in a forgotten clearing in a forgotten wood. Sauron’s forces have located it, and the Rangers of the North have passed on this information to the good peoples of Middle Earth who move to intercept it....

The setup: Each side is intended to be played by 3 players each, though more or less can be taken with a little tweaking. On the left and right side of each flank, those commanders’ forces have a 24” by 12” deployment zone coming from their respective table edge. Directly in the center of each table side the center player has a 24” by 12” deployment zone.

In the center of the table put a well, crypt, or similar type of terrain, roughly no larger than a 2” size. (The well scenery from Mines of Moria is the intended item to use. We will call the objective the well from here on out.) Put a set of ruins or walls that only allow entrance from each side preventing the table edge deployment zones from seeing the well. The ruins should give 4-6” of open area from the well.

Put out more terrain in equal amounts everywhere else on the field.

Evil gets priority on the first turn.

Army selection: While it is HIGHLY recommended to build equal forces based on Legions of Middle Earth force selection rules, each side merely has to be from the Good or Evil sides. (Having 1 commander with Moria forces, 1 as Mordor, and 1 as Isengard for example, would be ideal, though if miniature selections are limited, just make sure each player just has the proper points percentages and is using the Good or Evil figures depending on what side they are playing on.)

Usual Legions of Middle Earth points and percentage rules stay in effect. No more than 50% heroes, no more than 33% ranged combat units. (Throwing weapons do not count as ranged combat units for our purposes.)

Victory Objectives: Victory is gained by a side getting the objective from the well. This is done by having a normal figure based figure touching the center Well with no enemy model getting within their zone of control for however many turns it takes to find the artifact, then run it off their table edge and that model’s deployment zone.

Special Rules: Reinforcements: Each player may nominate 1 on foot non mounted figure troop type they have at least 8 or more models of that costs 10 points or less. Once they have lost 8 of these models in play, at the end of the next turn’s Movement Phase (meaning after Courage Tests and all movement has occured) these models are placed on that player’s deployment zone table edge.

Capturing the Artifact: As mentioned, an on foot model needs to be touching the Well and have no enemy models within their zone of control, or touching the Well. At the start of the Fight Phase, roll a D6 for each model touching the Well. On a 6, the Artifact is found. Put a marker on that model to note they have it. If they are killed in close combat, the killing model captures the Artifact. If they are killed by shooting, the artifact may be picked up by any model who is touching the Artifact at the start of the Fight Phase and no enemy models are within their zone of control they automatically pick it up.

Edit: This isnt in the scenario as to make it fit on a single page, but the question of getting the Artifact out of the Well faster by using Might Points is something I re-remembered. I would say this should be dependent on the time allotted to the game. For my group it most likely will be a 2 week battle, especially since everyone will be learning the rules, 2 of us only having played it once before. So for us, it cannot be modified. A 6 and a 6 ONLY on the roll gets it. Also, only a normal infantry base figure can ever pick up and move the Artifact off their respective table edge deployment zone. (By having enough movement to walk off their edge.)

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