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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Tau, or How to Organize an Army


Look at this folks. This is the kinds of information you should bring to your miniatures games. Your army, pointed and statted out in a nice 9 point font on a double sided sheet of paper. I have 1 page with multiple units, and their points costs with some variables for the various wierdo size games out there. I have all my units with wargear lists and every thing I want to use with them. This will save you a good 30 minutes or more every game day. Not seen is the army book's reference sheet with the backside being used for a self typed list of all those wargear and weapon and tech info thingies my army needs and uses so I don't have to refer to the damned codex every 5 minutes. (Which is bad for me since I play multiple games and in 40K 5 different armies. Forgetting the rules or little specific bits happens all the time!

This is the path to truth.

With luck, I can have something similar ready for my players for the big ass Lord of the Rings Miniatures game in 2 weeks.

Now I just need to spread this truth to every minis gamer I know. Spread this good readers, and save all of us tons of wasted game time every session!

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