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Friday, March 7, 2008

Tuesday and Wednesday Game Reports

Well, Tuesday our Gary Gygax tribute was mostly an intraparty combat in the Caves of Chaos, made responsible by beer. Bud Light in the fancy aluminum St Patrick's Day bottles! We then played Rock Band at Starfury's. A little disappointing, but it was amusing too.

Wednesday was a tad more productive:

Another battle report. It was a 3 turn Apocalypse game against some younger guys who were decent enough blokes but a little on the Warhamms side as it were which sort of reduced the fun and made the game not go to its completion.

But it will be explained in the report. To save on amount of images, time to post, and because it looks nifty, I am back to my comic strip style. Should be easier to read. Most folks seem to like the battle reports done like this and its honestly easier than just posting the pictures and making captions. Man I love Comic Life Deluxe! Not to mention I am almost out of pictures on my Flickr account. While 25 bucks a year isn't a bad deal, I am not quite sure if I want to pay it or not...



To elaborate on the Tau - Ork trade: Guy who is moving to Colorado for a while to get out of Connecticut (can't blame him) has decided his only 2 armies are gonna be Ultramarines and Ork. I play Tau, Chaos, Eldar, Tyranid, and Ork. I got a bunch of 2nd edition Gretchin I never really used. (And under the new rules I need more Runtherds to use em all.) I got some other Grots that were nicely painted and were conversions from a 6th edition Warhammer Fantasy Night Goblins set. And now I want nothing but Night Goblin Grots. I need more Tau, so 40 Grots and 20 bucks got me 1 more Crisis Suit, 3 Broadside Battlesuits, and 3 of the Stealth Team suits. He threw in 12 Kroots gratis. I'll be getting all his Fire Warriors and a bunch of drones for 20 bones this weekend at the 24 hour gaming night which none of my friends will probably show up for. :(

I also continued to take advantage of Sarge's Comics' sales, getting 6 Trinity sourcebooks for a buck a pop. In LOTR minis, I got 6 Gondor White Tower Archers, and the second two sourcebooks they released. The Siege of Gondor, and the Battle for Pelennor Fields. While a few of the units in the book are either revised or just the same in the Mines of Moria rulesbook, quite a few of them are not, giving me the rules for more heroes and units, some of which were in those lovely piles of buy one get one free. (Much of Pelennor Fields was overwritten for the recently released Harad supplement, but I don't want to spend a lot of LOTR Minis so I mostly stick to sales and clearance deals.) There are also plenty of scenarios in the books, a fair amount of fluff, and lots of scenery building instructions. Given that Pico wants to do some massive castle siege battles, should my medical stuff turn out ok, I should be making use of quite a bit of it. They had 3 more books in the clearance pile I might get, though given the buy one get one deal, one will have to be passed on, probably the Best of White Dwarf compilation.

Given our game delay this week, I have more time to prepare for the big LOTR Minis game, which has now been shunted into April, giving me a little extra time. My good forces troops selection is rather small, so I am heavily focusing on that at least up to the game.

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