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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday Game Report

Well, the report will be quick. My 1500 Eldar vs Orks and Space Marines as a 3 way fight. My Eldar rolled horribly for EVERYTHING. Terrible hit, terrible wound, terrible armor saves, terrible morale checks. It was so awful I conceded after 2 or 3 turns, and the Space Marines ended up winning with a single surviving Terminator megasquad.

On the upside, the buy 1 get one on LotR minis got me 6 more Minas Tirith Citadel Guard soldiers, and 2 more sourcebooks, Ruin of Arnor, & Shadow and Flame. Some of the units in S&F are also in Arnor, but most are unique to both and very few repeated in the Mines of Moria rulesbook, though there are some.

(More info on LotR sourceboks whenever I do a thread totally devoted to the game.)

I also got the deal of the year on Tau minis from the Ork player. For 20 bucks I got a Devilfish, Skyray with Hammerhead parts (interchangable), 36 Fire Warriors, the Tau Empire Codex, and plenty of Gun Drones.

My Tau army is digustingly HUGE now.

While my actual cash expenditure overall is around 250-275 dollars, I just calculated buying all the stuff I have individually and its approaching 700 dollars. Ebay, and good deals saved me an insane amount of money. (Clever conversions and unit appropriations helped too!) And now I have almost everything for Tau I could possibly want or need.

3 Crisis Suits, all with 2 Shield Drones
3 Hammerhead Gunships, 1 with Skyray parts
3 Piranhas
3 Devilfish Transports
3 Broadside Battlesuits, commander with 2 Gun Drones
2 3 man Stealth Armor teams
12 Kroot Carnivores
70 Fire Warriors (6 being Tank model commander conversions.)
8 Autonomous Gun Drones
2 Tau Empire Codexes
Original Tau Codex

If we count the Crisis and Broadside suits as vehicles I have 15 vehicles I can place in my army, though no more than 14 of them legally. (3 Broadsides count as 1 Heavy Support choice. Each Hammerhead or Skyray counts as 1. )

I burned the afternoon (for me anyhow!) oil, and this is what I have for my Tau and their points values. With luck all my math was right!

Shas’o w/ 2Link Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, Bonding Knife & Stimulant Injector. 140 points
Bodyguard 1 w/ 2Link Missile Pod, Target Array (+1BS), & Iridium Armor (2+ Armor). 83 points
Bodyguard 2 w/ 2Link Missile Pod, Target Array (+1BS), & Failsafe Detonator. 78 points
Options: Up to 6 Shield Drones & Hardwired Drone Controllers (0pts) at 15 points each. 90 points max.

2 3 man Stealth Teams w/ Shas’vre upgrade w Fusion Blaster, Markerlight, Bonding Knife. All members w/ Target Array (+1BS). Regular troopers w/ Burst Cannons. Each squad: 177 points.

Fast Attack:
1-3 Piranha Skimmers w/ Fusion Blaster & Targeting Array (+1BS). 70 points. 210 points max.

Gun Drone Squad w/ 2Link Pulse Carbine. 48 points per 4 unit squad, 96 points for 8 unit squad max.

Heavy Support:
1 Broadside Battlesuit w/ Shas’vre Upgrade, Bonding Knife, & Targeting Array(+1BS). 95 points
Options: Up to 2 Gun Drones & Hardwired Drone Controller (0pts) at 10 points each. 20 points max.
2 Broadside Battlesuits. 70 points each. 140 points max.

1-3 Hammerhead Gunships w/ Smart Missile System, Sensor Spines, & Seeker Missile. 130 points each.
Main Gun: Railgun at 50 points each, Ion Cannon at 15 points each.
Each tank is 180 or 145 points total.

1 Skyray Gunship (replaces 1 Hammerhead) w/ Smart Missile System, Sensor Spines, 6 Seeker Missiles, 2 Networked Markerlights, & Target Lock. 155 points.

6 Fire Warrior Squads w/ Shas’ui w/ Markerlight, & Bonding Knife. All w/ Photon & EMP Grenades & Pulse Rifles. 109 points per 6 man squad, 14 points per extra trooper. 193 points per full 12 man squad. (1 squad can only reach 10 men at 165 points.)

1-3 Devilfish Transports w/ Burst Cannon, 2 Gun Drones, Sensor Spines, Targeting Array (+1BS), & Seeker Missile. 105 points.

Kroot Carnivore Squad w/Kroot Rifle. 70 points per 10 man squad, 7 points per extra trooper. 84 points per full 12 man squad. If Shaper is bought, +1 per Kroot for 6+ armor.

Maximum Army points: 3568


That's a big Twinkie!

The last 2 days I have spent a good many hours putting unassembled models new and old from the Tau line together, and spraypainting all the models to go into my army color scheme which is loosely based off the Mospeada segment of Robotech. A few bases flocked up too. Flocked bases do SO MUCH for miniatures, even simply painted ones.

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