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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Citadel Washes

Over at the big Warhammer 40K thread on Something Awful, much has been said about the new Citadel Washes that have come out. Last week I picked up 3 colors, Badab Black being the one I will show in the picture to follow.

Apparently these are NOT the merely watered down paint washes of olden days (which I actually like for what they are), but a new formula that really gets in those nooks and crannies. Its almost a "magic dip" solution. It makes meh paint jobs look halfway decent.

Case in point:

Notice how the 3 on the left aren't so bright and shiny, plus they have lots of detail you could not see on the one lonely fellow to the right.

This stuff is great! A nice paint wash never hurt any model. Just go either heavy or light for effect, and use the right colors. I tried Ogryn Flesh on a couple test models first, and while nice, its too subtle over a bright orange or orange with the old red wash model such as these. Hive Fleet Mustafar is simply too bright, and the black deepens them up, makes them look alive, and less like the paint pen over enamel spraypaint models they actually are.


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