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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday Game Reports

This Tuesday was just myself, MagicDrew, and 9IN. It became the DAY OF STUPID GAMING. Many games played, most of which were on the low end of the complexity scale.

We started off with All Wound Up by Twilight Creations. You set up a cemetery course for your wind up zombie figures to run. Players play and bid cards to make their zombies move, hopefully in the direction you want them to go. 9IN won this one pretty easily. I now want another set and want to make actual 3d courses to run lots of zombies through instead of the generally iffy cardboard maps. Sometimes the zombies get caught on the edges when moving from board to board, and the game sort of demands a nice fun layout.

This was followed up with Don't Break the Ice! Yes, the old kid's game where you have to tap out ice blocks and not be the sucker who lets poor Mr Bear fall through. Jenga is clearly the lame adults version of this. Except this game is less snooty, and the little plastic ice blocks look REALLY good. They could have miniatures wargame uses I think. I forget if 9IN or MagicDrew won this one.

Then to continue the silly, Strolling Bowling. I got it at clearance at Wal Mart for 5 bucks, remembering fondly the game as a child when my then into bowling dad had it. Basically you have a wind up bowling ball on hoppy feet I have named MR. BOWLIEMAN who tends to go wherever the hell he wants. Though an impassioned plea by me actually made him start cooperating with me. I still came in last, and 9IN won this one. Its a hoot. If you can find this for 10 bucks or less, its a must buy. Its simple silly fun. Grab a bowling scorecard from the net and print it, and stick it in with the game that fits in its little plastic shell/bowling lane and keep it with your travel gaming stuff. You never know when you will need a quick, fun game to play.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/arepeejee/294656920/ (Someone else's picture of MR BOWLIEMAN. He does not love you. But you must love him or to the gutter you will land!)

The next actual tabletop game was Deluxe Yahtzee. Another game I want an extra copy of (Making Strolling Bowling the only one on the list I don't have need of a second set for actually..) because it has some damned useful components. If you don't know how Yahtzee works go to Wikipedia and come back here. I bought this set for my dad a couple years ago because I remember it being one of the few games my parents actually played together. My dad never even opened this one. Well, he is no longer with us, and I have made use of it once before. Its a fun game of chance with lots of probability odds to play with. I came in second with 9IN continuing his game domination run. I am impressed with the Deluxe set as the dice are really nice pretty gold see through sparklies, the dice cup is nice faux leather with felt inner lining, and the dice tray is pretty decent. IIRC, it originally retailed for 15 bucks. Any game specialist store would charge that for the tray or cup alone.

We finalized the night with Dr. Mario on the Nintendo Wii. Its only got 2 player local multiplayer (that I can tell anyhow) which is a shame, but its as fun as its always been, though now its got a few new modes, and obviously looks better than the NES original. Plus you can use your Miis so Rufus got to battle Lenin with pills. Yet again, 9IN won, utterly dominating even though he had never played any Dr. Mario before. Eventually I got good enough to give him a solid fight though. Well worth your 10 bucks on WiiWare.

Sadly, turning on my Wii showed me how many games on their service I need to buy. Some because I have always wanted to play them, some because its more convenient to play them on the Wii than my old consoles. And many more because game saves on pre flash memory systems all eventually die when the batteries finally give up the ghost.

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