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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday Game Reports

Zombies mayhem, with myself, MagicDrew, and 9IN. (Followed by a quick game of Three Dragon Ante which was called for time but MagicDrew was OWNING at.)


As the picture showed, we played Zombies!!! with the first two expansions. By endgame, every zombie was on board (we used dice to keep track of zombie kills) and all but one of the Military Base tiles was on the table. I nearly won via 25 zombie kills, but 3 failed attack rolls took me and half my zombie kills out. With a nearly open heliport on the base (thanks to a quick and easy house rule where if there are no zombies left to place, the location is zombie free) 9IN ran in and took it. My luck at zombie killing failed when I needed it the most. Nobody actually went into the mall at all, and 9IN and MagicDrew both grabbed Jeeps from the Military Base Motor Pool allowing for some high speed shenanigans. It was a fun, quick night of action and adventure.

I still want to do a "Survival Horror" styled set of houserules to the game though. Maybe 5 life at start, 10 life max, 6 starting bullets, hand size as big as your current life (damage means you choose and discard a car), discard as many cards as you want and play as many cards as you want per turn (but only 1 during each player's turn including your own), and dying takes you out of the game entirely. But dead players on their turn move 2d6 zombies and may draw and discard up to a 3 card hand (only 1 discard per turn, and may only play 1 card per turn) in order to kill off everyone else.

And now that we have played some I need another bag of zombies, which would have made 9IN actually have to EARN his escape, and had our board filled with many more hungry undead.. Oh.. and they have a CLOWN related expansion coming out.

You heard me.



Nik Daum said...

Is this game any fun? It looks cool. And I love me some zombies.

Captain Rufus said...

Its not bad. Its sort of a screw the other player over sort of game.


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