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Monday, June 16, 2008

Wednesday Game Report (And other musings)

For the last week or so there really hasn't been much to report on. An utterly awful failure of an attempt at playing videogames with people? Nahh, nobody cares about that.

Last Wednesday was the first actual gaming day I had. And it was a pretty darned good one. Went down to Sarge's and got in a 2 on 1 40K game. 750 points of Tyranids (me) allied with 750 Space Marines versus a 1500 point Witch Hunters force.

Turn 1 went to the Sisters, whose excellent setup allowed their heavy bolters to kill off most of my Genestealers. Their commander (Saint Celestine I think? The one that keeps coming back to life with 1 wound at the cost of Faith Points..) took a few more out with flamers, leaving me REALLY worried as close to 33% of my army points died in a single shooting round. Then she charged and my two surviving Genestealers and one angry Patriarch (Its officially a Broodlord, but it will always be a Patriarch to me!) made short work of her. My Hormogaunt brood charged in to a big squad of Sisters Repentia while my Zoanthrope, Warrior Brood, and Biovore provided some fair fire support. Actually fantastic fire support for Tyranids. My Marine ally was dependable and solid, taking few casualties, but bringing his bike and character heavy units where they were most needed, and his Scout snipers providing some nasty cover fire. Even the Grey Knights showing up did little to halt our advance. Hormogaunts are NASTY against S3 T3 units. Their sheer speed makes up for their lack of "oomph". And whatever they didn't take out, my Patriarch did. It was a solid, fun game.

It was followed up by a quick game of Magic where the Witch Hunters player took the day with his green megamonster/token beastie deck. He got revenge and played a damn solid game of Magic.

I picked up the Chaos Daemons codex while there and now I REALLY want to start up a Tzeentch army. I already have a Lord of Change.

For my starter 1000 point army, my initial expenditures would be as such:
3 5 man Pink Horror squads. (20 dollars a squad, 60 bucks total, 120 points a squad, 360 points total.)
3 Screamers of Tzeentch. (40 dollars for a 5 Screamer squad or 30 for a 3? Yeah. Look to the future. 48 points for the squad.)
2 Daemon Princes. (35 dollars each, 70 bucks total. 170 points each, or 340 total.)

Points: 748.
Cost: 170 dollars. (At Warstore 20% off it would be 136 dollars.)
Once I add in my Lord of Change (250 points), I have a solid 1000 point army that can go to 1030 max.

If I need to do a higher point army I split the force with my Chaos Marines. Later expansions would probably include more Screamers (at least another 40 dollar box), another Daemon Prince (35), and trio of Flamers of Tzeentch (15 bucks, 35 points a model.)

90 more dollars (72 Warstore) and it would add 387 points total to my army (counting the 2 extra Screamers from the first 1K.).
Not the greatest value add on mind you, but it would add flexibility and usefulness.
Whenever they release the Blue Scribes HQ model I could hit a solid 1500 with a few guys left over. If I keep them all on square bases it means I also have a small extra Warhammer Fantasy army as well.

I was thinking about getting into Field of Glory, but the odds of anyone else buying into the game (even with 48 plastic Roman or Celts for 30 bucks an army box) is rare right now, and the models haven't even been released yet.

With my cutting down on gaming purchases, as long as I do the army slowly and don't buy the whole blasted thing in one week, I could have myself a nice Chaos Daemon army to support my Chaos Marine army. I play 40K the most of any game and despite the game's flaws and Games Workshop being run by a bunch of tools, I love it the most beyond almost any other tabletop game I play.

With my AT-43 armies nearly complete, I can do it. Its just gonna take most of the summer to do. Maybe a unit a week, or every other week at MSRP from Sarge's since I play there. So a month and a half if I buy one unit a week.

Man, why did I buy the Chaos Daemons codex? My love for the darker powers is too overwhelming...

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