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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Painting. Why I hate it in a visual guide.


That back unit? About 5 hours for a basic flesh coat for the Night Goblins and the bases flocked. What a boring waste of time.

And then I can play AT-43 with these lovelies looking like this OUT OF THE BOX?

(My UNA forces being used as a Necromunda gang.)

I understand that some folks love to paint, and that is cool. But some of us hate this time wasting mess. But as the upper picture shows, even a rudimentary two color job with a flocked and painted base looks better than bare metal/plastic, or an unfinished base. I do plan on adding 2-3 colors and a drybrush highlight to the Gobbos eventually. I just have two more units to get to that level. Ouch.

And more AT-43 to scale with a Warhammer Night Goblin. Excuse my bad black coloring in of the Fire Toad's 01 designation, imma gonna change that soon.


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