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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Driving to games

People wanting to game but being too lazy to drive anywhere?

Its come up recently with me. Now I grew up in an area where it was largely 20-30 minutes to anything outside of a tiny downtown or groceries. You had to drive for anything else. Want comics? Drive. Want games? Drive. Want to go to a normal department store? Drive.

I still have to even with all the current expansion. The closest mall is 30 minutes away. Its 15 minutes to McDonald's or Wendy's. Its 20 to Burger King, Taco Bell, and KFC. The closest comic shop is 20 minutes way, the GOOD comics and game shop is 30-35.

Bear this in mind.

The last week has shown that I, a totally lazy slacker are willing to drive further to game than many. I am beginning a Call of Cthulhu campaign that started today. A friend tried to get some folks to play. One dude and his girlfriend live in an area I used to drive twice a week to play 40K. Its too far for them and they won't come and play. (I would also like to note that for many years my father drove down there 5 days a week to work, and he also had a part time job as well.) I also had my Cthulhu book with me at the good game shop mentioned above. Some folks showed some interest. Which immediately evaporated with a laugh when I mentioned my location.

Now both situations of NO WAYS may have honestly been due to other reasons (the first is just one of a metric shitload of people my friend tries to get to join us who never actually show up, or if we are lucky show up once than never come back...), but taken at face value that's some lazy old.. laziness. Slackers.

Is a half hour's drive REALLY that bad for people? I've driven twice that distance to play Uncharted Seas. (And made nearly 30 minutes worth of wrong turns I am embarrassed to say!) I work at a casino and know most of our customer base is driving 1-2 HOURS to come play. (I once had a customer proclaim he came down with his family for a few hours with a 3 hour drive. He then returned them. AND CAME BACK.)

Are people really that lazy, or are some folks too used to not having to go more than 15 minutes to anywhere to even want to get in a good game of something?

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