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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hail to Glorious People's Army!

Mighty Red Blok soldiers bought mostly at a heavy discount in order to defend collectivist bliss!


Yep, that's my entire Red Blok collection for AT-43. Outside of the flocked bases, the models come exactly as you can see.
That's a lot of miniatures at a cheap price, and ready to play right out of the box.

My purchase plan went to get all the character figures, and an infantry unit they could command, plus 2 of the various infantry units I liked, and their attachment boxes. For the Kolossus units they are 2 different types of 3 star infantry, but one can have a character bringing their numbers up to 4, and the other has superior firepower.

Outside of the biggest Red Blok walker which is not out yet (Dotch Yaga) and a couple singles I would have to buy at a premium thanks to the way the older attachment boxes were set up if I want to be able to build almost any possible army configuration using my selected forces, I have a complete army.

2 full units of Dragonov Kommandos.
2 full units of Spetsnatz Kommandos.
2 full units of RPG Soldaty.
A full 1 star strider unit, in this case the Molot dual flamethrower version.
2 Kossak 2 star striders.
Urod, a character strider that could be used as a different weapon 2 star strider. (Hetman, I believe.)
The 2 3 star Kolossus units.

Overall its a mighty and somewhat varied force, yet with enough synergy and numbers to not be a haphazard collection of models the way my UNA and Therian forces mostly are.

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