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Monday, March 30, 2009

Words for every RPG character to take to heart.

And their players and the GMs who hold their fates behind the screen:

For those unwilling to watch, the content is this:

It will be a hard life.
One without reward,
without remorse,
without regret.

A path will be placed before you,
the choice is yours alone.

Do what you think you cannot do.

It will be a hard life.

But you will find out who you are.

Pretty impressive stuff from a Star Wars commercial, but it fits what I think RPGs should be so damned well.

PCs should be adventurers and heroes, striving for the impossible. It will not be easy, enemies are around every corner.
But the characters are heroes and will go above and beyond, if only to soar high before the fall.
Yet, this is each character's choice to make. They have the freedom to be a hero, a villain, or somewhere in between.
And in the end, we will all know who that character really is, and maybe even a bit about the player themselves, since we all put a little of ourselves in every creation we make.

And this is why I put up with all the obstacles that RPGs throw up just to get a game going.

Something to think about next time you get ready to play an RPG.

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