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Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love the Rackham Sales!

It lets me get a 300+ dollar 3000 point Dirz army for 104:


Plus the photo lets me see stuff I needed to clean! I swear my camera has better vision than I do...

The only thing is now I already want to buy more for this Dirz army, Confrontation's popularity be damned!

With my 3000+ forces for both Griffin and Wolven armies I can have some nice multiplayer games going on.

If and when I can get more, I plan on upping this army by another 2000 points or so. With the slot system Rackham games now use, another Aberration Prime fills one slot for 275, another by a 2 pack of Phemera Alphas (600), one more by a 2 pack of Clones (600), and another full unit of Hybrid Alphas with attachments. (600) As that takes me 65 points over, I just remove 2 or 3 Phemeras from either the Alpha or Omega units, as the price for a full unit is cheaper than buying the individuals at 40 points a model. (An 8 Phemera unit is 300 points, and a 16 is 600. You get savings by buying a full unit. You effectively get an extra Phemera for free. So for me to build a legal 5000 point army I would lose 3 if I take them out of one of the 2 units, bringing it to
a 520 point unit. I could also take a smaller unit of Hybrid Alphas, but lose 2-3 elite soldiers, or lose 3 suicide Phemera who you sacrifice to attempt to kill units in close combat. Hmm.. if I wanted to be silly I could repaint the Phemera to look like Lemmings from the classic computer game series..)

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