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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Over the last few months the Internet has been ablaze with the nerdrage of 4th ed Dungeons & Dragons haters like me, and even more ablaze by its ever louder screaming defenders of the faith. Thus here are my thoughts not about the game, but about the wars that have erupted.

Over a commercial product.


Its funny I can mock 4e all the time with my actual group and they still happily play it without being butthurt and requiring my approval. They play it and I go play the Warhammer 40K and make with the pew pew.

Which is really what this all comes down to. Some of us hate 4e, for many reasons some of which are even legitimate. Others love it, for reasons I don't understand but people like Nascar too so whatever.

The problem is the lovers seem unable to accept or deal with any negative statements being thrown at their precious consumer product designed by a company who does not love them, but merely wants their hard earned cash, and more of it if at all possible.

Look at how many RPGnetters or other sites who flip out over Mr. Weigel's Youtube review, or folks getting whiney on forums, or at Grognardia or the other retro RPG bloggers giving their opinion.

Its like the 4e brigade has been so RPGnet style pussified that they just can't handle anyone disliking what they do as it has not been given the mass approval to hate it. (Like Palladium. Its ok to hate it, but how DARE anyone hate a new WOTC product? THIS DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. Like Chewbacca living on Endor with the Ewoks.)

One forum I am on hates every new episode of BSG and Terminator: MILF Chronicles. I don't really care. I just say I still like it, maybe why, and move on.

Corporate made products don't really need me to White Knight them. Its great those of you who enjoy it do, really. I mock it because I think its dumb, and its a good pressure valve. I can bitch about the real world and real problems, or just indulge my inner stupid by taking the piss out of a stupid RPG and having a bit of childish glee when its fanboys are devolved to the point of elementary school 80s console or computer system playground wars.

Its fun and amusing. I kind of chuckle most of the time when Macs get talked smack about, the only irritation being I know some of the chuckleheads really do take their computer preference seriously. (I usually correct them that Macs only suck for their price and if you like, actually want to play a videogame on them. And remind them we are also snooty and pretentious. And are also turtleneck wearing hipster douchebags. Get your hatred RIGHT by golly gee!)

So you guys who like 4e keep playing. Just know that I, a long time gamer who is massively generous with my time, money, and enthusiasm on stuff would rather not game than play that pile of butt.

I think we can handle that. Maybe when Group X tries something new or wants to I will hop back on. I have my Warhammer 40K. My AT 43. My Uncharted Seas. My Wings of War. My More Games Than I Will Ever Get to Play.

We will all be fine. I know I am a great roleplayer and all (or so 20ish or so folks voted me as at a con LARP last year anyhow) and a damn good GM when I am not being ADD or Emo (according to the people who still worship my 3.0 game from Summer 01), and all, but we can make it through this trying time.

And I am probably not half as great as anyone has said anyhow. I am aware that I in fact suck. Nobody knows this better than me. Why else would I have heard it pretty much nonstop from the age of 1 all the way to my mid 20s?

You guys buy 4e, I will buy more Rackham minis. Hi Grognards.txt.  I love you. I need more Space Commies and amoral desert biologist mans for my ever increasing hordes. And that Dark Heresy collection won't complete itself, nor will getting more pretty biplanes for Wings of War.

Plus I keep finding old games I missed like Traveller and FASA Trek that want me to drop some coin on it. And the old faves like D6 Star Wars, Battletech, Ogre, Paranoia, and Basic D&D love to get new goodies to join the old goodies I have yet to use with em.

Just whenever we do, keep the snacks away from me. They are bad for my figure!

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