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Friday, September 17, 2010

[AT-43] A Late September AT 43 Battle Report

We return to the crazy fun gonzo spacewar universe of AT 43 with another battle report from Arkham Asylum.  This will be it for some AT 43 for a little while as we try out some other games.  I will finally be playing the Jyhad CCG.  I bought most of my cards in 1993 after our ship came in from a 6 month cruise.  I never actually got to play it or see anyone play it.  Next week I finally WILL.

Hopefully next week I can get on to part 4 of my Dungeons & Dragons Red Box Essentials review/overview.  I just have to actually play the next part.  But hey, I have done more posts this week than I did for the entire month of August.  I even hit my quota. 

So I am being mighty good to you all dear readers.

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