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Thursday, September 9, 2010

[Review Corner] High Grade Universal Century Unicorn Gundam Model Kit

As usual, click the picture for bigger.

My playthrough of the Ravenloft game will have to wait as my work schedule is a bit hectic this week.  2 days off, but not in a row.  That borks up my decompression time, especially given how I usually don't work 5 days.

On to the review!

I am quite happy with this kit.  Took me a decent amount of time to assemble though.  I did quite a bit of it while sick just because I didn't have much energy to play a video game, or the brainpower to read a book.  Sitting on my bed with something to drink and a podcast playing was a good way to get through the roughest part of a rather nasty bug!

Comparing this to the mid 90s 1/144 kits is mindblowing though.  The sculpting is a bit better, but the construction and articulation is light years past those old sets.  Course you could put one of those together in an hour or two and they cost around 10 dollars.

Fair trade off really.

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