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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Review Corner] Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Red Box Starter Set Part 2

I actually had this comic ready about an hour after the last one.  And most of it was photographed first.  I just got some dumb ideas at work and inflicted it upon those of you who bother to read my spiel.

Now we get to what you get for your 20 bucks!

As usual, click TO MAKE MY MONSTER GROW... err larger pictures because Blogger doesn't like the idea of showing them fullsize even when I tell it to.  I just don't know man.  (Unless I just fixed it.  Show the pictures at original size by default?  NO.  Click XL, then go back and click original.  THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! :v)

Lots of goodies for your money in this set I would say!  

Right now if I had to rate amount of nice STUFF in the various starters taking price into account I would put this one in second place probably.  The 3rd and 3.5 miniatures boxes gave you a nice heap of prepainted minis and tiles that tended to be more geomorphic in design than a poster map.  

I would say the Holmes Basic set was the worst in this regard, being a single booklet, either dice or cardboard chits, and a single module.  (Either "In Search of Adventure" or "Keep on the Borderlands")

Be on the lookout for more installments where I go back to the past to compare the NES generation's contents, what your modern D&D Minis packs get you, and of course, my play of the solo module/character generator.  

I will cover this thing in depth.  Probably more depth than anyone cares about, but consider it "Everything you wanted to know about D&D Essentials from a non fanboy but didn't feel like asking".


Jay said...

Nice review, it's cool to see a photo run-through of all the contents. And I like the comic-y format!

Captain Rufus said...

Thanks! I'm not finished with it yet though.


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