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Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Review Corner] Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Red Box Starter Set Part 4

Danger Will Robinson!  This part is gobs and gobs and gobs of text boxes, covering a bunch of mechanical bits of the game.  You might care, you might not.  But the only way to properly know about the game is if you see them and understand what the game is doing.

Plus as I like to say "You can't start breaking rules and houseruling stuff till you KNOW THE RULES FIRST".

Course over the years this has lead people to whine any time my house rule suggestions take the slightest bit of power away from them.  These people are stupid and should be forced to play against their own broken things.

Remember kids: Never play a deck/army/character build if you aren't willing to be on the other side of that same thing.

We are almost done with the Player's Book section.  Then on to the DM's book after Rufus gets his fight on.  Then possibly a pair of 320-370 page Essentials books, which both sort of repeat themselves in places which is both nice and annoying at the same time.  Makes it so purchasers of this set and one of those don't really need to buy both, but not completely.

Though I guess a DM could just get the Rules Compendium, and his or her players could just buy either of the two "Heroes of the Blah Dee Blah" books they wanted to use and it saves them all some cash.  On the other hand if you want to bring people in on your own you sort of need to buy all the books.

Which right now would mean: (in MSRP) 20 for Red Box, 20 each for Compendium, Heroes 1 and 2, 20 for Monster Vault (I think.  I will probably just make up my own), and 40 for the DM's kit.  (With the  3 Tile sets as options.)  Which is 140 for the core Essentials for a complete newbie bringing her friends in, or 120 if he just skips the Red Box and already has dice and such.

Of course you don't NEED to buy everything at once.  So far it looks like you could almost skip the Rules Compendium entirely, and possibly the DM's Kit too and just play off Red Box and the 2 Heroes books if you can BS some monsters.  

But that is just skimming things so far.

The investigation continues....

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