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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Aliens Necromunda, Part 2

With the busy holiday time, I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on this project.
Over the last week or two I have made up the Marine datacards for the Leading Edge Aliens boardgame much of this project will crib from (it was originally started as something without any connection to it, but with the Aliens boardgame flash version and me getting a copy of all the needed files to recreate the boardgame anyhow, it just gives me more to work with!) out of cardstock and glue. The cards are certainly not perfect, but they are nice enough. If nothing else, it will give players a picture of their marine.

My 5 pack of AVP Horrorclix Aliens came in from ebay, giving me 3 more ground sized Xenomorphs, and 2 on bits of scenery.

This makes my current Xenomorph collection as follows:
12 perfect for miniatures gaming Aliens.
2 on scenery bases with a figure attached.
6 on scenery bases.

I am torn on either converting the scenery bases which all basically have the Aliens on some form of wall down to fitting on their normal ugly Horrorclix base, using them for boardgame play only (requiring me to scale my maps to 1 square = 4"), or using them as counter figures for various effects.

Wall Aliens could handily be just arrived from vents and airducts, so the GM can tell which ones arrived this turn, and the 2 Aliens with a doomed victim on the base would represent grappled Marines soon to be taken away to host a Chestburster.

I will most likely do this as it requires no mangling of miniatures (even if Horrorclix is pretty much another Wizkids failure.. they should have started with movie liscenses. Its what almost everyone wanted in the first place!) and makes for easy to keep track of actions on boardgame style maps.

Going 1 square = 4" also keeps map sizes small. Mission 1, Reactor Escape from the original Boardgame is 25 by 14 in squares. Scaled to proper miniatures play, it would be 100 by 56. 8 1/2 feet by 4 1/2. That AINT HAPPENING.

I may scale the map to 1 1/4 inch per square though. That would provide plenty of room for the larger Horrorclix bases and be plenty compatible with all my other "Corridors of DEATH" game maps. (Space Hulk, Legions of Steel, Doom, Space Crusade, ect.)

The decision then becomes how to make the map. Print out the barebones map from the Aliens Yahoo group then draw the grid with pencils on big cardstock? Waste lots of ink and time by printscreening the electronic version mentioned above and printing it out, finally assembling it all with lots of tape and glue?

When I get more Ink I will have to decide. The harder work version will look better, and I can copy the playing pieces from that version as extras and backups. (Which will be needed, as my parts list below shows!)

I can get a decent Ripley, Deitrich, and Newt miniature set, but getting the entire group of Colonial Marines is either gonna require serious conversion work, or massive proxy mania.

I can get miniature Pulse Rifles, and finding a decent Gorman (Officer in fatigues with a ballcap), Bishop (Guy in coveralls), and Burke (Office Worker would do fine. Guy in outdoors vest even better!) shouldn't be too hard.

Its getting the rest of the gang that will be a pain. I can either buy a set of Warhammer 40K Cadian troopers and glue Pulse Rifles to them, or I can search for knock offs online.

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