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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday Game Report


If I ever see the sets cheaper I will probably buy more of em. Can't go wrong with more Aliens to kill Colonial Marines, Predators, and anything else.

Thanks to me having to go to a doctor's appointment and a traffic accident slowing EVERYONE down getting here, we were delayed a little bit in starting, but luckily not too much. As most of us had forgotten a large portion of what the hell we were doing in Twilight Imperium the first time around, we started over with the same races, but a new galaxy layout. Also I have decreed at my house I play the Turtle People. Because Turtle People are awesome. (They have a proper name but I don't care what it is.)

My Turtle People are the blue guys at the bottom of the galaxy. If you look carefully, you can see my commander, a Gamera figure sitting in the corner providing moral support in my goal to bring the galaxy together.

Missme is playing the yellow forces which are some insect dudes. Pico (orange) has the humans, MagicDrew (green) apparently got the ELVES IN SPAAACE, and Starfury (black) got some green snobby people.

The game went a LOT smoother this time around and we got through a lot more turns, though it was still slow going.
Starfury attacks the Imperial planet so he gets more voting influence. Its not well defended.

Not too much combat occurred, but there was a little. Missme used a Point Defense thingie to shoot down one of Pico's ships in an adjacent sector. The Turtle people took some time out from building Turtle Land to assist the silly Humans in getting justice by sabotaging one of her PDs. (Master Splinter must have snuck in using his ninja skills.)

Pico's ships begin their assault. Missme has a ton of nice ship upgrades...

Missme didn't roll so hot and lost that sector's entire space fleet. Pico then fell back and the Turtle people considered justice done.

There was lots of fun politicking and mind games and we were a little more relaxed about minor rules gaffes than last time. I am actually becoming more and more impressed with the game designs as we play. Its almost like something I would come up with in the scope and restrictions the game builds in to keep things sane. I look forward to continuing this game next week!

The galaxy at the end of whatever turn we stopped at. Tensions are building up. Was Pico and Missme's battle a limited war or the beginning of the end?

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