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Monday, January 28, 2008

A Blast From the Past and my 3.0 D&D Character: LET ME SHOW YOU HIM

Today I wanted to see if my ancient Athlon 3200 XP machine with a Radeon 4400 would turn back on. (Its got issues with being turned off and on. Its why I gave up on it, went laptop, then went Mac!) To my surprise it did, allowing me to clean up the machine and empty its little 80 gig HD into merely Windows XP, Service Pack 2, and Nero Express.

It had a couple of files I missed having and a few I totally forgot about, like the free release of The Dominion War Sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games edition of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. (Which is even nicer for Pico, who plans on running a DS 9 game using my copies of Savage Worlds and the DS9 RPG.)

So I am looking through pictures and folders and finding nice things and no porn whatsoever. (I am a goodie goodie after all. Probably too much of a goodie goodie. Sure as hell doesn't get me anywhere!) However in my D&D folder I found a little treasure from way back in the year 2000. The D20 character write up for a PC I played in a 2 years long campaign before I finally realized most modern D&D players are nitwits and most modern editions of D&D suck. (Ok, every edition besides Basic D&D sucks..)

Thus I shall share his writeup here. Not to mention its an archive of it so I can have it handy should he appear in my Basic D&D games in some form. (Its amazingly easy to plug AD&D 1st and 2nd classes into Basic with AD&D Hit Point values given to PCs and NPCs..)


Name: Aaron Stewart
Race: Human
Class: Bard 2/ Psionic Warrior 2 (Most below info is 1st level stats.)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
STR: 10
INT: 12
DEX: 16
CON: 11
CHA: 16
WIS: 11

Weight: 160
Height: 5' 8"
Age: 16

Skills: (At 1st level)
Bluff 4
Climb 2
Concentration 4
Diplomacy 4
Innuendo 1.0
Intimidate 1.0
Use Rope 1.0

Point Blank Shot


Class Features:
Bardic Music
Bardic Knowledge
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Proficiency: Composite Longbow
Light Armor
Medium Armor

Spells: (All 0 level)
Detect Magic
Ghost Sound
Read Magic

Winter Blanket
Entertainer's Outfit
1 day of Firewood
Flint and Steel
Clay Jug
Common Lamp
Composite Longbow
Padded Armor
2 days of Trail Rations

2 Silver
6 Copper

Hair: Sandy Blonde/Light Brown
Eyes: Green

Family: None

About Aaron:

Aaron is a young man who is mostly out to do heroic stuff and have a good
time. Both of these things will lead him to cute girls, so he believes. He
was brought up in an orphanage where he tended to read anything he could get
his hands on, while trying to get the less intelligent kids there to do his
bidding. When he was 14 he managed to scrape up enough money to go to a pub
and listen to the musicians there. He had heard the street performers
before, but never could get into a pub to hear the REAL musicians and
storytellers like the ones in books.

It changed his life.

This beautiful, but sad young woman was playing songs of such complexity and
detail Aaron knew what he wanted to do: be a Bard. He was able to talk
this woman for a few minutes that night, and found out who she was. (Alys
Dreamchaser, NG Bard 11/Cleric of Bahamut 3) She took pity on this wide
eyed and charming kid, and gave him a letter and some money to get some
basic training with the local bards in the area who were willing to train
others in their craft. He has not seen her since that night, but hopes to
find her and repay her for her kindness someday.

While it wasn't a large amount of training, it was enough to give him
something to work off of. He took the knowledge he was given and spent alot
of time putting on shows for his fellow orphans, who usually gave him a
spare copper or two, though usually any candies or sweetcakes they might
have had. This is why he has a bit of a tummy to him. He also discovered
that girls really liked music.

To him this was the greatest thing ever.

Sadly, when one of his fellow orphans decided to show him just how moving
his music really was to her, the people running the orphanage chose to send
him out the door. On his ass. Instead of letting himself get down about
it, he chose this time to take what little money he had left and go
exploring, something the heroes and heroines of storybooks did. During this
time he played small pubs and inns, which gave him little money, but the
free room, board, and alcohol more than made up for it. He tended to spend
any money he made on charity and revelry anyways.

He mostly prefers to tell stories over actual singing as of late, and has
spent the last year getting some notoriety for this. Unfortuneately, not
all of it is good. Most of his stories tend to be on the dirty side, and
usually about self reliant women. This tends to get him a number of female
fans. Sadly for him, most of them are middle aged women whose husbands are
not very attentive to their wives, yet jealous and generally of foul

Needless to say, young Aaron does not do many repeat engagements.

Currently he is travelling from the last town he was at, where his story
about a Drow Elf Sorceress, an inn, and 20 Paladins upset the local clergy
quite a bit.

(Rufus' Note: I actually made this song/poem back in the day on a chat RP site. It was a soft R in content IIRC. Sadly, its totally lost to the ether. But I do like I took something and used it somewhere else. Never let a good idea go to waste!)

When encountered, Aaron usually seems to be overly cheerful and
enthusiastic, though with a mouth that makes sailors blush at some of the
expletives that come out of it. He tends to try to do the right thing
without thinking of the consequences.

He prefers to talk his way out of trouble wherever he can, but is more than
willing to use tricks, traps, and the occasional shots from his Composite
Longbow when he has to, usually while telling his enemies how their sheep
will be widows when he is through with them.

To him, life is one big adventure from a storybook.

And with a little luck, he won't reach the chapter where thousands of women
grieve over his gravesite for a couple of decades!

He has since been konked on the head, which has awakened his latent psychic
powers he has honed into something useful thanks to a trainer in a town.

He still shoots his bow at things, he has just gotten MUCH better at it.

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