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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Initial Heroquest Houserules

Told ya they were coming up next.

First off we added in rules to run out of the dungeon.

Basically you can leave as a party once all survivors are on the exit square one time per dungeon. Upon return, the majority sentient monsters in the dungeon (usually Orcs and Goblins) get 1d6 reinforcements the GM can place in any area by making a note of it beforehand. If the party is totally wiped out the new party only gets half the XP for completing the remaining part of the dungeon and may not search for treasure in any revealed room within.

XP you say?

Yes, now there are 4 experience levels to gain. For completing any dungeon the survivors gain 10 experience points(XP). For killing a monster the PC who did it gains a single XP.

The level gains require the following XP: (XP is how many points you need per level. Aka: 10 points from 1 to 2. 20 more points from 2 to 3, ect.)

Level 1 (Aspiring Champion)
Level 2 (Champion) : 10
Level 3 (Hero) : 20
Level 4 (Mighty Hero) : 40
Level 5 (Lord) : 80

At each level up, the character may add one point to any of the 5 stats (the 5th being Movement), but no more than 2 points may ever be added to any one stat. For Movement, its one extra point of movement, not an extra die.

That's what we have so far. The level system was created by me today, and the rest was either brought up or initially created by the group of us collaborating. (Multiple people make for better game designs.)

Pico is gonna work on some ideas of his own as will I, and we will then tweak to fit.

I've given him an initial mission of coming up with Ranger and Cleric of Sigmar classes.

My inital 2 classes will be the Bard and Halfling.

Info on those or anything else we come up with will be posted as it is made.

And a handy tip for extra Heroquest combat dice: The Marvelscape and current Heroscape all in one dice work perfectly (thanks to Pico noting it) in the game. The skulls and shields stay as they currently are, and the blank face counts as a "black shield" result.

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