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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tuesday Game Reports

Last week it was Twilight Imperium. To make it quick since it was rather blah: Pico got attacked by MagicDrew on his borders multiple times and Starfury won by generally doing a little of this and a little of that while everyone ignored him. I had Turtle Land how I wanted it and watched a little Gamera.

Ok, gameweek done.

This week Starfury was out sick yet I had a backup ready even before the 1 hour forewarning.


Since Pico is planning on running an RPG this summer I volunteered him to be the GM, aka Zargon.

Lord Voldemo... I mean Zargon observes the party entering the dungeon.

Missme took the Barbarian, I took the Dwarf, and MagicDrew took the Elf.

His first Elf falls, the victim of splitting up.

Taking too much damage, the Barbarian and Dwarf run out of the dungeon.

As I will mention in a follow up post, we modified the rules a tad to allow for more depth.

With a new Elf in tow, we make it to the Gargoyle's lair. Bloodied, we struggle against impossible odds.

Overall the game went over VERY well with Pico and MagicDrew both having fond memories of the game in the past. We went an hour over so I guess it did! Let's hear it for playing old games!

The Dwarf and Barbarian dead, the Elf fights on against impossible odds.

Thanks to GM fiat, the Elf survived and won, with 2 Orcs running away.

It looks like we will be expanding on the game and playing it some more next week.

I have enough various Warhammer Fantasy figures (which will pretty much be all I have since of the whole Dark Heresy debacle as mentioned in a previous post) to give us more types of monsters and classes to play. Having the Warhammer Quest game's components will help too!

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