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Monday, January 28, 2008

Wednesday Game Report

Last Wednesday was another Warhammer 40K game down at Sarge's. 4 players, 1000 points per player. I was playing my Orks under the new codex for the first time, and my teammate was Ultramarines pretending to be Tau (aka: not really moving). On the other side it was Vostroyan Imperial Guard (with 4+ armor saves and only ONE TANK), and Necrons.

My side lost, but it was a fairly good battle.

The highlights mostly came from my Orks. A Warboss got across the entire battlefield, eventually punched out a Leman Russ Demolisher and then died to Necron Destroyers that made things difficult for my side. I actually killed things with a small Gretchin mob and got them into the Vostroyan's deployment area. The battle was mostly decided by long range firepower with a few close combats, mostly with my Orks running willy nilly around the field. Well, one half of it anyhow. Sadly, my Kannons were in a terrible position which might have turned the tide. The Ultramarines mostly stayed still and shot, failed some morale tests, and had both Dreadnoughts elminated.

Thoughts on my Orks: They can be VERY effective with smart uses of cover to offset their mostly nonexistant armor saves. You can get a lot of guys on the field for very few points. In a 1000 point game I had 3 Rokkit Armed Buggies, Mega Armored Warboss, 5 Nobz with Eavy Armor and Trukk, a 20 strong Boys mob with Shootas, Nob, Big Shoota, Rokkit, Wierdboy Warphead, a 3 strong Killa Kans unit, and 3 Kannons. That's SMALL for an Ork force! 42 models on the field!

The Warphead Wierdboy came in very handy, though I never rolled the power I wanted most which allows the mob he is in to deepstrike anywhere he wants on the field. I did immobilize and stun the Demolisher with him though.

The Nobz mob needs some help though. I got an older Painboy for 10 bucks with Grot Assistant which should make them a bit more survivable and that leaves me 3 more spots on the Trukk for either 3 more Eavy Armored Nobz, a Mega Armored Nob and a Grot of some sort. I'll have to decide which works best.

This week I will most likely try the Looted Demolisher and my 2 Trukk Mobs and see what they can do.

Quote of the Game: Its getting late and I want to get to my game shopping before going to see Cloverfield. Its clearly over for us as there is half a marine squad, and the shambles of my units that somehow survived. The Ultramarines player says "Its never over!" Me: "Well my Orcs tell your Ultramarines 'Go f*&k yourselves! We're leaving!' "

It got a lot of laughs.

It was apparently quite Orky. But I was in rare Orky form as is that day with lame Ork accents and proper Orky getting stuck in and whatnot.

Can I be even Orkier this week? Do I even want to?


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