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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Game Report and Other Stuff

Not a busy week for me gamewise sadly. Busy (and expensive!) lifewise however.
Another CT scan of cash wasting hell and my 24" iMac's drive deciding to stop existing in any form the computer can see made sure of that one. So now I get to take advantage of my Applecare Protection Plan and have a tech come over and fix the bugger.

Which then gives me another hard drive I need an enclosure for to make sure the drive doesn't have any personal information of mine on it. I'm a mega goody goody and use Google Safesearch and whatnot, but one can never be too careful. I can only imagine what the computer ignorant folks, the people looking for smut, and the folks who laugh in the face of international copyright laws have seen.. *shudder*

Tuesday's gameday was a fun time, but no actual gaming happened. Pico cancelled, and 5 minutes of me showing some videogames off turned into a couple hours of me playing through Resident Evil 4 and getting heckled. I really wish someone woulda told me to turn it off and get some game going! A good time overall though. And at least being on the controls kept me from eating the bag of cookies Missme brought. The other 3 folks ate the whole thing. Damn!

Wednesday at Sarge's brought a little 1000 point game of Warhammer 40K, Chaos vs Ultramarines. This week I went with 3 tactical squads, a Havoc squad, a bike Squad, my Terminator Sorcerer, and 2 Chaos Spawn. My Sorcerer fell to a Force Weapon in close combat. (Note to self: Force Weapons are EVIL) My Chaos Spawn proved their worth, being the big units on my side, and my Aspiring Champions did a fair accounting as well. Sadly, I failed a lot of morale tests and it cost me the game.

I finally got a Rhino for my Chaos boys, the Ultramarines player selling it to me for a fair price. (15 bucks, assembled but not painted) Given that Rhinos for Chaos are 35 points and my units are decidedly close ranged, its a unit I need more of. Too bad their regular MSRP is so high. Then again, so are Chaos Spawn, but just about any large monster base figure works as a proxy. (Today I used Pikachu from that Pokemon spinner minis game, and a mid 90s Chaos Spawn figure from when they looked more like an Alligator body thing. I call mine the Golden Backed Crocko Stimpy!)

I am getting better and better with my Chaos troops to be sure. And I am having fun playing them which is THE most important thing.

Of course my current 40K plan seems to be "Play army with new codex till I win then switch to a new one". The new Ork codex was available today so I picked it up. Overall Orks got a nice boost and the book looks to be filled with funny Orky bits. Sadly, Nazdreg and the Boarboyz are MIA, but the Shokk Attack Gun makes a triumphant return, and EXPLODING SQUIGS are in tow. My Gretchin mob now needs more Runtherds (1 needed for every 10 Grots), and EVERY Trukk now needs a Wrecking Ball. (S9 hit on a 4+ to a target within a few inches of the Trukk!)

Once I get some more time I will have more thoughts on the new codex.

*Sigh* I hate busy but not gaming busy weeks...

I'll hate hard drives even more if I can't recover the data off the iMac drive that is gonna be replaced..

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