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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Wednesday 30, 2008 at Sarge's Comics.

The points: 1500 (Well, 1500 Ultramarines vs 1524 Ork. He had 2 Land Raiders. I felt justified!)

The Orks include a Nobz mob with Eavy Armor, Cybork Bodies, and a Painboy. The blue walkers are Killer Kans, and the Demolisher is a Looted Vehicle.

The Ultramarines contain 2 Land Raiders, 1 a Crusader type. Also included is a Captain, and the Land Speeders have Assault Cannons. One of the Dreadnoughts is a Venerable type. Both have Assault Cannons.

Battle began with the Ultramarines getting the first turn.

The Kannon crew was hit hard and broke. Ork return fire took out the Vindicator.

Both Trukkboyz mobs would fall eventually. If I had remembered the Nob in the group who assaulted the Dreadnought would have had a glancing hit. I forgot about the Ork Furious Charge ability!

The Warboss and Nobz used their armor and Painboy upgrades to survive impressive amounts of fire and take out the Land Raider Crusader. Mega Armored Warbosses make tanks go SPLAT. The big Shoota mob with the Weirdboy Warphead took massive casualties from the Land Speeders yet took them out in return.

The Gretchin mob was ignored moving through the ruined building. They managed to kill most of the Ultramarine Tactical Squad in shooting, and finished them and the Captain off in close combat. Not the Runtherd. THE GRETCHIN.

The Shoota Mob's Warphead used his power to warp them over to the Dreadnought where they shot apart the venerable Dreadnought and later charged the other one.

At the end of the fight the only remaining Ultramarines units were an immobilized, constantly stunned Dreadnought and a constantly stunned Land Speeder. My Boyz took out everything else. My Orks took some hits, but overall their speed and numbers made up for the massive quality and toughness of the Marine forces. Some dice luck helped too. Of course the Marine vehicles were an insane nut to crack.

Overall I am quite pleased with my Orks. I still need more Runtherds and one more Nob, preferrably of the Mega Armored variety, but otherwise they rocked hard. I was expecting to be slaughtered, but the early takeout of the Vindicator made up for that machine wiping out my Kannon teams. Red Paint Jobs on open topped transports are definitely useful. Being able to hop out willy nilly on a 13" move vehicle is HUGE.

My Orks showed up the Ultramarines for last week's battle. As far as my Orks are concerned, their defeat was the silly blue Humies' fault! :P

The question is now what to bring for next week. I still haven't won with Chaos Marines, yet my Eldar and Tau have both performed solidly.

Hmm.. maybe another week or two of the Ladz and perhaps a switch to the Tyranids or back to Chaos..

In purchase notes, I grabbed 2nd edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for 40% off thanks to a Borders coupon. Sadly they didn't have Dark Heresy in yet and the coupon was good for 2 days only. So now if nothing else I have the revised version of the old fantasy RPG and I can have more inspiration for Heroquest games.

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