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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Acquisitions

Just a quick list of recent purchases not mentioned elsewhere!
(Plus it makes me look like I update more for my one reader who pretty much hears all this stuff from me ANYHOW.)

For Christmas my one whopping present that was good (my other present was a small tin of popcorn. Yeah. GOOD GIFT FOR A GUY ON A DIET.) was the Crossbows & Catapults (current edition) Tower Attack set which adds lots more stuff to the excellent main game. I supplemented this with the final small expansion on clearance from Wal Mart for 9 bucks, saving me 5 dollars. I now have the full set and if any of the small sets are left next week on grocery shopping day I will pick up some extras for more components.

Back in the days of the original edition I only had the main set which I played with properly and as a toy all the time. I never got any expansions. Now I have made up for it by owning the entire line. Put bricks on top of each other, line up rubber band powered weaponry, shoot the opposing player's fort! More sets means more bricks, ammunition, terrain, dudes to get hit, and more elaborate fortifications!

One of these days I plan on making a more advanced set of rules for the game as well, something to make it closer to the original US edition where the main goal was not to knock over dudes, but to "capture" the enemy's base.

With help from the local comic shop's 40% off anniversary sale I grabbed 4 boosters of the current World of Warcraft CCG expansion (cuz its like getting one free!) and the lonely Warhammer Battle For Skull Pass set they had sitting under a shelf all alone and unloved. They probably got it for free from Games Workshop trying to get them to carry their full line. (Which hasn't happened. They are pretty much a bastion of Magic the Gathering exclusive retardation with anyone trying to play or promote anything else there getting nothing but dirty looks and rude comments.)

Its my THIRD box of this set, 2 having already been split with Pico, and now this one split miniatures wise between he and I (Dwarves for him, Gobbos for me), and rules for Magic Drew who is beginning his Vampire Counts army.

It effectively cost us 10 dollars a person for the set. Hell, I woulda bought another if they had it in stock. An Extra copy of the rulesbook for myself and even MORE GOBBOS would be handy!

As it is, my Orc and Goblin horde is pretty well complete. Possibly a few more trolls and Night Goblin Fanatics, but otherwise I have a nice big army. Probably too big really... Goblins do NOT cost much in points!

I also got a 20 dollars with shipping steal. The Terminator CCG. Both faction starters and a sealed box of boosters. Its compatible with the Aliens Predator CCG I sadly have little more than the starters for, and its THE TERMINATOR. 26 9 Card boosters and 2 50 card starters isn't a bad deal. I'm not very impressed with the card design or the screengrabs used for most of the card art, but it seems like a pretty fun game.

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