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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Master of Orion 2: Battle at Antares

With the computer (mostly!) back up to snuff, I brought this lovely game over to it. The increase in speed is immense.
I run it under Dosbox and the Dapplegrey front end. As a late Dos early CDROM program its one of the nice ones that is happy to have the full CDROM transported over the HD in order to play it. (In fact you HAVE TO. It needs the original files for the copy protection check.)

Moo2 as it is known, is a 4X space game. EXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate.

This will be the chronicle of Lord Tigatron of the Cyber Mrrshan Empire. A custom race with Low G penalties to offset improved farming, income, and cybernetics.

The race for the galaxy is going fairly well. I lost my first colony ship to a Space Dragon at Yen, but I have recovered nicely. I am the blue colored text planets.

Going from top to bottom on the right side of the screen we have Income, Fleet Capabilities, Freighters, and Science.

As you can see, I am in a solid third place position right now.

The GNN keeps us up to date with galatic events. The Psilons have taken the Gnolams out. I would rescue them to join my people, but it will be a long battle.

My science officer, Mr Snugglewuzzykins reports on our newest bit of tech.

What to learn next? They all look so tempting!

Diplomacy is important too!

I attempted to have the other surviving races join me to take down the hated Psilons whose threat outstripped us all. Sadly, most everyone else only wanted me to help them pick on another weaker race. Wussies!

The Galactic Assembly meets to vote on a leader. Its rather hard to get a 2/3rds majority.

Sadly, the Silicoids were defeated by the Psilons next and I would be in the running.

Leaders who gain in skill may join you to assist in managing a star system or a single ship. Their help is invaluable, if the right ones offer to join you..

Your colony screen. Each one looks different depending on size and what sort of planet you are on. The three rows of kitty people show Food, Production, and Science outlays. I am making extra food, focusing heavily on production, and have a bit of science. The figures at the bottom of the screen show ground forces.

With careful usage of Terraforming a leader gave me, my planets are utopias. And if they don't start that way, I make them so!

Ship design screen. You build your own ships to battle with! Here I prepare to redesign the Panther class Battleship. As you can see, I can add more weaponry. The top box items are changed automatically as you discover that technology. The 2 bottom boxes are direct choices by you. Older weaponry becomes lighter allowing more of them, or you can switch to newer, better kinds.

I keep developing, working on keeping my Panther class Battleships in fighting form, readying them for the war against the foul Space Dragon that destroyed my first colony before I barely began exploring the galaxy. After that? Its time to fight some REAL foes!

Old ships never die. They just get refit into your upgraded versions. When you have them in port and are able to spend the time anyhow.


Sadly, I am unable to build Titan class frames, leaving this design unbuilt. I demand the Psilons give me the secrets to Titan construction, and they decline, declaring war at my impudence. My fleet is already inbound to one of their outlying planets. The war to liberate the galaxy begins!


My fleet stands ready. A colony ship for the excellent planet guarded by the Space Dragon, 4 Panther "b" level refits, a pair of scouts, and a number of troop transports, carrying marines for planetfall against the other races.


We go to battle! The Space Dragon dies easily to the might of my fleet. The planet that we dreamed of before we achieved warp capability is finally ours. The first colonists who dreamed so big yet died in helpless terror have been avenged.


We attack the first Psilon planet, defended by a Starbase, and planet bound defenses. The superior technology of our foe keeps us from easily boarding and capturing the base. We have to destroy it fully, wasting so much time. Our missles head to the planet, giving us some early hits before our bombs are in range. Our fighters race ahead as well.


We choose not to destroy the innocent civilians with planetary bombardment and send our marines in to secure the planet. They die so quickly our photo ops don't even get a picture of them. A number of marines fell in the process though.


We find members of the once proud Silicoid race laid low. We immediately begin work on an Alien Control Center to bring them into our benevolent fold. Exterminating these people would be wrong. They will do far better under us than they would under the foul Psilons!

We continue our campaign further to the galactic south, winning the space battle against 2 battleships, and a fully defended planet with our reinforcements, but lose the ground assault and blockade the planet until more marines can arrive. The Psilons blockade our home system, but seem unwilling to actually fight any of my well defended planets.

We finally win this planet, only to find the remnants of the Gnolam people toiling for the bastards. They cheer at our final arrival on planet.

They even dare to offer a 10% tribute if we will cease hostilities. Not yet. Too many peoples live under their bootheels. They will be freed first. Only then will we talk terms!


AJ said...

This is random, but I'm switching from PC to Mac and just realized I will lose my beloved Master Of Orion 2 in the process. Do you happen to know if the Macintosh version still works, as it seems to be available online? Or...any other advice? Much thanks.

Captain Rufus said...

I'm a Mac user too! Just transfer the whole CD over to your HD, and get Dapplegrey and Dosbox and you can run it through that.

Or another solution is to get VMWare Fusion 2, and set up a Virtual Machine. Windows 98 SE as the OS. You can get the latter for like 50 bucks, and Fusion goes for around 60 online. (Fusion is great. Lets you run multiple OSes on top of OSX. Its MUCH slower than using Boot Camp, but no partitions or dual booting. Plus as a long time Windows user, it lets me play easily all those 95-98 games that XP doesn't like at all.

Boot Camp and Dual Booting is best for running high end modern games. Anything pre 2001 runs fine with it.


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