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Monday, January 21, 2008

Heroquest and Orky Update

Went through my miniatures boxes and found most of the remaining figures. Currently only 2 Goblins and 1 severed Skeleton Head (that currently resides on top of a Space Marine body and is known as "Mr. Skullhead") have not been reunited with their cellar worn box.

I have also decided my Orks get my Imperial Guards' old Leman Russ Demolisher to use as a Looted Vehicle giving me a handy 145 points of destructive goodness. Most of my IG aren't actual Games Workshop figures anyhow, and I hate the Imperial Guard. Cuz they dumb. Glue a couple bits to the tank and its off to the land of Waagh. I also won another Runtherd off of ebay which ought to give me another 45 points of dudes for a nice 1750ish points value. A couple Mega Armored Nobz and I should be set.

Its Waagh, its Waagh!
Its big its green its crude!
Its Waagh, its Waagh!
Its better than bad its good!

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