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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Connecticon 2012 a Quick Overview of Cool Stuff Part 1

Sorry I have been so lazy with the blog.  I have just..  not had the enthusiasm for it.  Or a lot of things really.

But I went to Connecticon again this year and here are some of the cool pictures of cosplayers and neat things.  I may do another follow up post with more stuff but not right now.

If I had one word to call the con this year it would be: Pleasant.  Not really awesome but not terrible either.  Mostly problem free and frustration free.  Traffic was fine getting there, got a hotel room on the 4th floor which was basically 1 flight of stairs down from the ballroom level, or 3 from ground floor.  I never had to deal with elevator issues once!  Not a ton of standing in line for anything either.

So let's just get to the pictures and other commentary:
 A really cool Rebecca Chambers costume.  I probably should have tried to talk to her some but I try not to bother people.  There was another cool Resident Evil fangirl I had a nice discussion with too but we sort of got cut off by the vendor who we were sort of in their booth area blatting away.  I think we both felt like tools.  I saw her again in a cool panel about Japanese monsters and myths but we just smiled at one another and that was it.  Bugger.  (If in some rare event said people are reading this: feel free to say hi to me!)

Buddy Christ is the best Christ.

     Ghostbusters AND Gozer?  Awesome!
A Portal cosplayer with a neat working robo thingie that made lights and sounds and moved a bit too I think.

A kicking Eldar Dreadnought with to scale 40K minis on its base.

                        The smaller Eldar heavy units from a different craftworld.  So cool.  I'm so jealous.
 A mega sized homemade Settlers of Catan game.  Niiice.
 Resident Evil cosplayers alongside Santa T.    
Amon from Legend of Korra.  There were a couple awesome Korra cosplayers there.  I just hate bothering people even for pictures.

Crazy sorta Dalek and a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who!  There were a lot of Doctor Who cosplayers this year.

A giant Creeper from Minecraft.  Which is better than normal Creepers.  I try not to be a Creeper.

 The Giant T Rex outside the next door Science Center.  I so need to get folks to go with me so we can visit that place.  They always seem to have such cool stuff going on.  And I would feel like a lamer going alone.
 My half of the Warmachine Two Player Battlebox.  I got it Monday.  Assembled and prepped my Khador to this standard to play at the con by Thursday night.
 There were some Dealer's Room issues this year so not as much I wanted to buy.  Plus I am trying to be a good boy.  However I got some cool stuff.  2 Warmachine books I needed for 20% off each, a D&D Endless Quest book for 3 bucks, the Street Fighter Heroclix set, 2 Space Hulk Card Game expansions I had been looking for a long time, and a Vinyl Gaiking figure I have also had my eyes on but it kept selling out before I had money for it everywhere.  I guess a cheap year beats some other ones when I just went stupid spending.
And my friend's birthday gift which I got this far from Monday-Thursday.  The Menoth from the 2 player set all assembled, primed, basecoated, and flocked.  Plus he got the Menoth token set, the rulesbook and other goodies from the 2P box, plus I printed him out cheat sheets and army lists for the 15 and 25 point game sizes, giving him what he would need to look out for to buy for those levels of games.  (Not a lot.  Sadly no dealers had what we needed.)

Like I said.  Pleasant.  But I wasn't blown away by the con this year.  I did have a good time.  My issues will be in part 2.


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