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Thursday, February 14, 2019

On the Matter of Abuse

  Well folks this isn't a thing I felt I would ever be posting at my mostly dead blog about nerd crap nobody reads but as someone who is messed up myself due to second/third hand abuse from awful people I think I have to speak up and spread the word so that others won't be hurt by similar things and maybe a little less pain and hurt are put forth in this world.

  Let's start with a very harrowing link about abuse that links to the reports of abuse by another on Facebook to read if you want and to also learn about the abuser who has long been known to harass others online whenever his name or possible behaviors come up:


  Because of said stalking he is almost certain to have done which has also included outing people in the LGBT space I am not directly listing his name here though it is well listed by the brave women whose stories I have linked to above.

  Do not accept abusers or let them get away with it.  While yes it is very much a HE SAID SHE SAID deal nearly all evidence over the years points out to his awfulness.  And we should probably not purchase anything he creates and both believe and support the survivors who not only got away from him but were brave enough to come forth with what is all but certain to be the truth.

  These sorts of monsters need to be stopped.  Together we can and maybe show the world this sort of cruelty and evil won't be tolerated.


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