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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Bringing Back the Rogue Trader Scenarios Part 3

Well I probably should just get the next installment done while the fire in my brainmeats is hot so as to not have a backlog from Hell.

(You know the drill click for larger.)
First off Ebay had a coupon for 15% off anything over 25 bucks (oddly enough they had one today but I had bills and stuff and like to be a GOOD BOY so I did not get to partake in savings today) so I did some mulling over but ended up not getting the Fangs of Ulfrich set but I did get the First Strike.  We will get back to that one.  While I waited a whole TWO OR THREE DAYS for it I did some inventorying of those boxes of scenery.

 Necromunda all still there and with the light spray painting I did to them.  Yeah a few of the cardboard pieces have seen better days and I need to figure out how to revive them, but otherwise it is all pretty much here.  Sweet.

 I had to collate my Gorkamorka sets however.  One set wasn't even in the box sadly and shamefully unpunched.  But I had no instructions to assemble either set.

But a little cleaning off of the box and some images from said box and online helped.

I assembled the unpunched set using my painted bulkhead sections and this time used white glue as opposed to tape and it looks quite pretty.  In taking this photo I did see some bits of my stove that needed a little cleaning.  It got done.  These blog posts help me both organize my silly nerd stuff AND show me what I ought to clean.  Helpful!

Sadly I am missing two plastic bulkheads and thus my older set done mostly with tape is currently only capable of being this.  Lame.  But for 20 or so bucks I can get a pack of bulkheads to take care of this and have double GORKAFORTS.  Which could be handy given the new Speed Freeks thing Games Workshop is releasing in ORKTOBER.  Maybe.

A little glue to put on some of the never put on fencing options and its more cover and looks neat.  I did the same to the partial fort.  The pamphlet is there for a reason and its not for this post.  (I need to do more cleaning however.  MAGIC ERASERS FOR THE MAGIC ERASER GOD!!)  I have some minis and that cool clear 6" measuring stick on the fort for scale.  Primaris Marines and Scouts look fine on the fort.  The old Gorkamorka Orks are like slightly smaller than the Scouts so it probably looked massive back then.

 And First Strike is here!  A nice cheap starter with a 40 MSRP I got for effectively 31 bucks.  

 With these contents its like I got two of the Easy Build standalone boxes and everything else in here for FREE.  A nice battle mat, the interior box flips over to be a terrain piece, a 6" measuring stick/ruler thingie, dice, rulebooks, and four Easy Build boxes.  

 Yay goodies!  I now want the other 80 dollar MSRP starter box for the 12" version of that cool transparent ruler thingie and a bigger terrain box and mat.  The minis are just an excellent bonus.  Soon I hope.  Maybe.

 The two new sprues I didn't already have.  I was trying to be ready for a game that didn't happen (mostly my own fault because I have assy time management) quickly so I didn't just use an initial KT force of all the models in the box plus those two Easy Build sets more or less.  So I mostly just cut out the simpler Plague Walkers I needed for the squad.  And used my already built Scouts over the normal Primaris dudes.

 Just a picture showing how even a nice wash and then a flocked base can give a good looking miniature for those with bad skills at painting.  Since these two front guys are armed and look exactly the same I chopped the spike off the top of one of them as a quick identifier.

 The two Kill Teams ready to go in the box for transport to my friend's house.  Sadly this time they just sat in the car.  Note I used a different wash for the Plaguewalkers.  I think it looks great on them.  I am not too thrilled with the flocking on the Marines however.  I used an older bottle of Goblin Green that wasn't a proper color mixture any more.  So I used a Camo Green around the edge to try to make it nicer.  It kind of looks weird together.

 My Nurgleman Kill Team.

 This was going to be the Marine Kill Team but again I wanted a force ready QUICKLY and honestly I felt like the Marines were kind of short changed on ranged weapons so no Intercessors but I ended up with four scouts two of which are rocking heavy weapons.

 Of course I end up buying more Tamiya terrain, especially since the plastic scenery that came with Gorkamorka seems to be somewhere else right now and I like having Tank Traps and Gas Cans/Exploding Barrels.

 Like a lot of Bandai Gunpla kits it seems Japan is realizing the rest of the world is buying their models so they might as well include English on them.  At least the Fuel set has.

 Oh GOODIE.  More bits to cut and glue and clean mold lines from.  

 Sadly the Barricade instructions were somewhat unclear (or I am a dumb ass) and my first two tank traps came out derpy as hell.  using Youtube I saw how they were supposed to go and the rest came out MUCH better though I have some gaps to fill with superglue or green stuff.  The lower right corner one shows you how it is supposed to go.  You put two straights across using the wee guide line in the middle of them.  Then glue with what super little flat parts on the straights are the triangles in a way the open bit is facing outwards and do this on the opposite side of the cross.  Then throw the other straight down the flat line the two triangles create.  Ideally if you want zero gaps to fill in use model cement and do it all at once while it is all still pliable.  The problem is the connection points can possibly be millimeters in size and you are trying to make FIVE pieces all be perfectly flush.  It can be a bit.. trying.  

I don't have any proper simulated barbed wire to make the barbed wire fences yet but I am slowly cleaning up all those plastic wooden poles.  

But I also do a THING of use.  I read and then make a rules summary outline of the core Kill Team rules so I don't forget major bits of it.  I now share my PDF with you thanks to the MAGIC OF DISCORD:  https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/359061996655607819/484235599482454016/Kill_Team_Summary.pdf 

Bringing Back the Rogue Trader Scenarios Part 2

When we last left off in uhh.. EARLY JULY I was slowly working on converting over scenarios from 1st ed 40k (Aka Rogue Trader) into 8th edition.  We continue now with a hot new way to play 40K back on the scene changing EVERYTHING.

(As always click for bigger images if you want.)
 First off my farm centerpiece model scenery came in the mail.

 Looks good and comes with REAL WOOD.  

 However you have to print the instructions from online.  Which is kinda lame.

 It took me way less than an hour to assemble this kit.  It goes together super easy and you just need some super glue.  Honestly with a little work 80% or so of this kit could be set up to disassemble and reassemble with something to thicken the joints to hold via friction ala floor polish or nail polish.   Yeah sadly only the outside of the model is color printed but its honestly fine for the price and need.  maybe go over the inside with a wash if it bothers you that much?

 I built mine in a way it is in two halves for more easy transport and use.   Plus if I do go through the inside with a wash it is now easy to do.  (Easier still would have been to go over the model while still on the sprue board as it were...)

 Showing it from one side with various hobby games miniatures.

 And the other side.  With mostly toys and nick knacks.

 But I need walls and stuff for my scenario ideas so I take a risk at a local hobby shop and buy these two sets.  1/35 scale is honestly pretty close to Warhammer 40K and its ever increasing SCALE CREEP.  Originally back in 1987 1/72 scale was the order of the day and it moved up to 1/48 by 3rd ed but now even 1/35 is cutting it close..  you will kind of see why later...

 I cannot read Japanese and sadly the images of doors and windows for the wall set is incorrect.  But it gives you basic instructions for the models.

 And what the boxes give you.  Its more or less modular bits.  

 The sandbag set was a massive pain.  Gate cleaning then all these mold lines.  So many mold lines.  Too many mold lines.

 The wall set like the big Plast Craft thingie could honestly be set for friction fit but again I am lazy and bad.  But that 2-3rd ed era Storm Trooper dude shows how even in the late 90s GW Scale Creep is huge.  That or the walls are undersized from the back of their box.

 It took a bit of time but I made two sets of reasonably sized sandbag defenses.

 And even raided those old Halo boardgame fences and gave em some spraypaint.  Might eventually go with some kind of electric blue so its like an electric or laser fence.  

 And showing the spraypainted quicky jobs I did on the colored plastic.  Plus the hard glue bits I did to the wall segments.  For once my bad luck with paint/primer gave me a happy accident as it made my sandbags... SANDY.  

But then KILL TEAM 8TH EDITION happened and I had an idea to switch my tutorial stuff over to that.  So for giggles I look into some of the newer models to maybe make some cheap quickie tutorial Kill Teams.

 These Easy Build infantry sets are 3-6 minis for 15 bucks and come pre colored with 40K Power Level rules in the box.  These self same minis are also in the two cheaper 8th edition starter sets.

 Nice of them to show you what each dude is armed with on the side.  

 And even handy instructions for these no glue needed models!  Though you probably want to use some.  

 In working up the Nurgle Kill Team I see I could use a good close combat guy but the minis don't exactly have the options the normal (50-60 dollar) squad boxes do.  So I raid my bits boxes and decide to make a weapon for one of them!)
 I also own myself by spending 25 bucks for an Icon Bearer mini.  That fancy blue robot there?  ONLY 20 DOLLARS AND PARTIALLY TRANSFORMS WITH A CUTE BABY VERSION OF ITSELF HIDING INSIDE IT WITH TONS OF ARTICULATION.

 But back to my homemade PLAGUE AXE.  Get out my cheap little mini glue gun, do some cutting and plastic cementing...


I am no longer in this Something Awful Warhammer Discord because they are way left of me (even though IRL I am called a LIBERAL as if it is a slur) and they are a bit too fanboy for Games Workshop.  Plus I was spending too much time in the channel and I have so many ways to waste my time like the idiot with low attention span that I am!

 Some wash over a matte pink that was put on way too thick (see the gunner upper left) and I think they look great as is.  I am almost afraid I will mess them up if I paint any more on them!

But as I did not buy the nifty new Kill Team box set full of lovely semi modular plastic terrain I also need to use what I own.  I am pretty set especially as we will see next time how the two bottom boxes are effectively TWO SETS OF TERRAIN IN EACH BOX.

But this post is already long as hell so it shall end here.  And I have another seven day in a row work schedule which is a thing I have had multiple times this Summer so I must pause here.


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