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Monday, November 10, 2014

Kickstarter Ogre Battle Report!

After nearly a year I FINALLY got to run a game of the Kickstarter Edition of Ogre, in all its massive backbreaking glory.  It is not a game one just throws in the car.  It almost needs its own parking spot in a garage.

But I got a game in and even used the Ogre App for my iPad Air.  And now I will share it.

And to make it REALLY special?

COMIC FORMAT!  Another thing I haven't done in an age.  In this case the orange caption boxes are out of fiction commentary.

Given my serious lack of actual hobby games content on this blog as of late (because posting how I lose horribly at Warmachine/Hordes most weeks doesn't really count as content really), I think I have some inspiration now.

Ogre miniatures are 1/285th scale.  And what else do I have in that scale?

Lots and lots of Titan Legions/Space Marine Epic Warhammer 40K miniatures.

But first I have an Ogre scenario to prepare for this upcoming Saturday at Ellis Con in Danielson CT

I am thinking a GEV scenario of my own devising.

So look out around 4pm for Dude, Where's My Ogre, or Why is That Ogre Talking About a Blood God?


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