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Monday, July 27, 2009

More Evidence of Why I am Slow and Lazy

As if my pile of unfinished projects started on this blog are not evidence enough, or my half painted miniatures wargame armies, or the throng of half or unread gaming books or the mass of videogames are not enough, I humbly present my collection of unbuilt model kits. Some of which I would build once I know how to use an airbrush as I see no other way to make them properly pretty.

Many of the robot model kits come in their core colors and I generally have no excuse.

On the left is my newest kit, Raideen, complete with removable parts to turn what might be the first transforming robot into its bird mode. You would figure technology would allow a modern model kit to do this WITHOUT parts swapping. On the right is the last model kit my father purchased for me, back in 2003-2004. My favorite mecha design the VF2-SS. It currently has 2 legs built during a disastrous Changeling sit down RPG session.

In my cellar (in the parts my uncle I haven't really seen or talked to in 2 years hasn't taken over with stuff he put in there when he moved to an apartment) is the remaining heroes of G Gundam 1/144 kits (already have Rising Gundam built, and MSiA toys of God and Nobel Gundam.) plus the Robotech Defenders kit edition of the Orguss. The Orguss is one of those kits I really NEED an airbrush and skills to do right.

And the real pile of shame. Kits from as far back as 1999 unbuilt. Fei's mech from Gundam Wing, the Master Grade Ingram from Patlabor, the Alien from Alien, an AT AT from Star Wars, an SR 71 Blackbird (my favorite airplane EVER), the AH 64 Apache Gunship (my favorite helicopter, mostly thanks to Gunship on the Commodore 64), the V117, the VF 1D Valkyrie Training type with FAST Pack (another GET AN AIRBRUSH model), some really small scale Macross kits I bought for Battletech but are too big, the Dougram aka Battletech's Shadow Hawk, the lovely Dom 2 from Gundam 0080 (one of the 2 best original Gundam timeline series), another 0080 kit from the Zeon side, and 3 Super Robot Taisen kits to complete my ATX team even though my Alteisen kit is out of scale with them. (But it was a 500 piece BEAST I am proud to display even without much actual painting done to it.)

As you can see, I have a great many projects to work on. Its rather sad really. Especially since I have my eyes on a GaoGaiGar with Dividing Driver big kit at the comic shop.

A nerd's work is never done, is it?

And people wonder why I like prepainted minis games...

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